About Piolet

From the mountain people: The Piolet or the ice axe is the tool that helps you keep yourself safe when your escalation becomes burdensome. Using the ice axe you hit the ice, you anchor, you gain self-confidence and you can move forward. It gives you support, stability, offers you some breathing space, helps you gather your strength and find the path to climb triumphant, with joy.

From us: Piolet Eveniment initiates, with every month and year of activity starting 2017, ingenious ideas that turn any meeting, more or less formal, into an "Unfrozen" experience.

When you spend the first few minutes at an event that we organize, it will seem Pleasant.

When you get caught in the games we offer, you will discover that the atmosphere is Innovative.

When we present you the rules, you will find that they are built On-the-level.

When you start feeling comfortable, you will understand that the communication universe is yet Ludic.

When you enjoy it with the others, you will know you are functional Emotionally.

When you tell your friends about the event we created, we will know for certain that it came out as we intended: Tam-tamic.

About Piolete







At Piolet Eveniment you will always find an available complete kit of 3 piolete, Monica, Oana și Andreea.

Our role is to guide you in finding novel ways of organising a party or an event you do not even imagine you could ever celebrate, or an important event for your company.

Do you sniff danger of slipping or feel stuck? Don’t worry! We are right beside you and teach you how to use braking and save-the-day techniques. No need to panic, we will find the path of ascent together, according to the moment, always in a funny, slightly out of the usual road, 100% professional way that you will not be able to forget about 100 years from now.

Our Public

Piolet Eveniment targets a diverse audience
Companies and Enterprises
Family and Friends


• events, small or large scale;

• specific motivational or training activities for employees;

• innovative parties;

• galas;

• festivals;

• fairs;

• seminars;

• conferences;

• creative workshops

while pursuing professional or personal goals set by the client, previously agreed upon with the organizers.

Services we provide directly

• Public Relations and Communication Consultancy - including creation campaigns

• Human Resource Management Consultancy

• Organizing private events © PioletEveniment

• Organizing corporate events © PioletEveniment

• Training courses in Human Resources and Organizational Communication

• Organizing conferences, seminars, exhibitions, creative workshops etc.

Services we provide through collaborators

Advertising space / advertorials:

• Written press

• Online press

Advertising space

• outdoor

• metro monitors

• online

• radio

• tv

• Rental event space / location

• Accommodation and transport

• Purchasing promotional materials

• Creating Video advertisement / spot

• Creation Audio advertisement / spot

• Corporate Films

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Piolet Eveniment SRL
Field of activity:
Exhibitions, fairs and congresses organizing activities;
Communication and public relations / business and management consulting activities;
Creative / support for artistic interpretation activities;
Other education / recreation and fun activities.
Based in Bucharest, Sector 3, 2 Iosif Hodos Al.
Registered at the Trade Register Office under no. J40/44/2017
CIF: 36888074
Share capital: 300 LEI