Florin Piersic jr.

Fetele mişcă munţii


As UNESCO Romania Coordinator, I had the great joy of collaborating with Monica, Oana and Andreea within several projects since 2007, of which I wish to point out the 7 international meetings that took place in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve, with an average of 250 participants per event – teachers, students, specialists at the UNESCO Paris Secretariat, ambassadors and members of diplomatic corps accredited to our country, guests from over 30 countries. During these events, Monica, Oana and Andreea steered the organization, inspiring colleagues and participants with confidence, finding appropriate solutions every time.

If I were to characterize them in a few words, I would say about each one and all together that they exude balance, loyalty, initiative, responsibility, calm and dynamism, optimism, true leader qualities with practical ideas that transform each participating group in an event into a brilliant team.

Lucreția Băluță
National Coordinator of UNESCO Associated Schools Project Network and International Coordinator  of Blue Danube River Project – UNESCO Paris, Romanian National Commission for UNESCO, 2016


We started working with Monica in 2009 for organizing the celebration of the World Environment Day in the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve. Among the echo actions organized in partnership, I wish to point out those dedicated to nature, as well as educational programs in the Danube Delta.

By her willingness and availability, seriousness, professionalism and strengthened relations with foreign partners, we were also able to achieve another goal of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority, namely the international launch of the “A Chance For The Blue Danube” contest.

Very supportive over the 7 years of collaboration, Monica has proven to be a reliable partner, with good communication skills, responsibility, integrity and openness to implement projects aiming at biodiversity that is specific to the Reserve and the humans in the Delta.

Grigore Baboianu
Governor of the Danube Delta Biosphere Reserve Authority – DDBRA, 2016

RFI Romania

We have worked in partnership with Monica for 6 years and were very pleased of collaborating with someone as serious, balanced, dynamic and open as Monica, a real gain for any marketing and communication team.

The success of an important environmental event that RFI organized, specifically “Parking Day”, is also due to the partnership managed by Monica, through the PR, communication and information campaigns that she conducted for this event.

Ina Dumitrache
Deputy Director, Radio France Internationale – RFI Romania, 2016

Evolutiv Consultants Network

I had the joy of knowing Andreea while her attending the Evolutiv HR programme. We have worked through it together for six months, and Andreea impressed me with the seriousness she had been addressing the themes under discussion. I have especially appreciated her studying on various professional topics within the talent management and development area and then developing her own opinions. Her desire to learn continuously makes me believe she is a great partner, inquisitive, constantly trying to find innovative solutions. I wish Andreea every success with all her future projects!

Cristina Țirulnic
Executive Partner, Evolutiv Consultants Network, 2016


I had the pleasure of working with Andreea on a daily basis while her HR specialist activity. Andreea is a bright, customer and result oriented professional with a permanent holistic, well documented and timely manner approach when problem solving.

She took the ownership and the responsibility on several important projects for our company such as creating and continuously improving the learning and development and performance management processes, she proposed new projects for competencies and succesion/ career planning systems, she implemented training programs appreciated within the field, also volunteered in various community building and communication/ PR projects and she delivered communication trainings as well.

I would definitely work with Andreea in future contexts.

Mihai Zânt
Head of Training and Recruitment, Apa Nova Bucuresti – Veolia, 2016

Zoli TOTH Project

I know Oana since we have intensively collaborated with Apa Nova Bucuresti. She is a genuine professional who inspires the team with confidence and totally devotes herself to the cause. Her doubtlessness becomes generally contagious straight from the start.

Much luck in everything you do! 🙂

Zoli Toth
Artist/ Manager – Zoli TOTH Project, 2016

Association of Botanical Gardens in Romania

Oana Ranetti is an outstanding communication specialist, with exceptional skills in organizing media events.
The professional partnership that we have developed during recent years, within the scientific projects “Diversity of flora, vegetation and fauna of the Arcuda Water Treatment Plant area” and “Water Biodiversity – Visiting protected habitats on the Arcuda Water Treatment Plant site” fully revealed Oana’s managerial skills.
Prone to nature knowledge and education towards its protection, Oana Ranetti has organized extraordinary events targeting both experts and the general public, in order to promote these values.

Prof. Anca Sarbu, PhD – University of Bucharest
Vice President – Association of Botanical Gardens in Romania, 2017